Whitechapel Handbells

Hand crafted from high quality cast bronze

Whitechapel handbells have been manufactured since the 1740’s.  They continue to be made in south London, using original patterns and designs, by licence agreement from The Whitechapel Bellfoundry Ltd.  Each bell is hand tuned to exacting standards and matched to make a fine musical instrument.

Whitechapel handbells are available in sets and as individual handbells.

12 note set diatonic
15C – 4G
£5262 + VAT

2 octave set chromatic
18G – 4G
£11957 + VAT

3 octave set chromatic
22C – 1C
£17523 + VAT

If you already own a set of Whitechapel handbells you may interested in our maintenance or restoration services.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements

Tel: 020 8462 9419

Email: shop@bellsofwhitechapel.london


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